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Jane 101

Hi Sidney. Great Ifugao/Mayoyao series! Thanks for featuring the highlanders. Seeing this made me a prouder IGOROTA! My fave - the boy and the bogger, hahaha.

Major Tom

Interesting activity, i wonder if it could be recognized as a martial art, a homegrown one.

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actually this looks interesting - should be on TV


Are they having a sit-ups competitions?


wooo.. it's a weird kind of wrestling ! Interesting.


Oops, some sportive fighting now.
I prefered the dancing.


I've never seen these native games except the "bunong braso" or arm wrestling


lovely pictures. hmm, looks like the rule is 'no hands allowed'. I'm an Igorot from another province, but I havent known of this practice by the Ifugaos. Very intriguing though.


jolies scènes de reportage.


just got back from ifugao too but mayaoyao is too far from kiangan.



the colors are just excellent in this sport shots! well done!

dong ho

hahaha... the game looks funny. i wonder if they actually played those games during the old days. i hope that man didn't lose his tooth in a fight.

one of them actually looks like manny.


I hope the guy didn't lose his tooth when wrestling!


These games look like fun to watch ... one can tell by the look of all those spectators! lol Wish I was there to watch the whole thing and see who won! ;)
Great shots Sidney!


Avec un règlement contraignant certes, mais dans la joie également !


Impressionnant ce sport de combat. Beaucoup de succès.

Lorena Sims

Thank you for sharing that, I would have never known about that games otherwise..

Charles Ravndal

What an interesting series of shots! beautiful!


The top two pics are the proverbial "one elbow, one legged ass kicking contest"...


Des jeux peu communs par chez nous.


those competitive sports look really interesting.. very nice captures.. :D


I never saw this styles of wrestling but they seems to be quite interesting.

The Nomadic Pinoy

I'm not sure about the kind of games they're doing. Looks very traditional really.

Otto K.

Okay that was interesting. Not sure what they were doing though. :)

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